Marc Pichon de Bury

Having earned a DEA post-graduate degree in comparative European law from the University of Nancy II and a Master’s in Business Law from the University of Paris XI, Marc began his career working in a law firm in 1999 and was licensed to practice by the Paris Bar in 2003.

He began work at the French-Canadian law firm Lette, Lette & Partners, before joining the law firms Magellan, Péchenard & Associés and August & Debouzy, successively.

Having spent nine years at this latter law firm, he founded De Bury Avocats in January 2014.

Both an advisor and a litigator, Marc focuses mainly on civil and commercial law, distribution law, intellectual property law, new technologies law, criminal law and real estate law.

Having previously lived in the United States and earned a Certificate of Proficiency in English from the University of Cambridge, French and English are Marc’s everyday working languages.

Marie Bodet

Admitted to the Paris Bar in 2022, Marie holds a Master’s degree in business law from Aix-Marseille University and a Mastère in digital and intellectual property law from the HEAD school.

Marie specializes in business litigation. Her activity covers commercial and civil disputes as well as intellectual property disputes. She also provides legal advice to the firm’s clients, especially in commercial law and in information technology law.


De Bury Avocats actively recruits talented interns who will form the basis, with hard work and enthusiasm, of the firm’s future activity and growth.

of partners

Thanks to its network of partners, De Bury Avocats is able to offer clients a full-service offer, and to assist them in all areas of the law.

These partners have significant experience in their respective fields and share the values of our firm and its quest for excellence.

By reliance on our network, we can put you in touch, in France and in other jurisdictions, with attorneys specialized in:

Employment law

Tax law

Company law

Mergers and acquisitions

Bankruptcy and insolvency

Competition law

Insurance law

Law of the person (natural and legal)

and family law

Public law

Urban planning law