The firm operates in the following practice areas

Civil law

Commercial law

Liability law


Distribution law

Consumer and
e-commerce law

Advertising law

property law

Digital law

Privacy and personal
data law

Banking law

Healthcare law

Criminal Law

Education law

Real estate and
construction law

Energy law

Transportation law


Civil law
Commercial law
Distribution law

De Bury Avocats advises business on how to set up, renegotiate or terminate the day-to-day business relationships they have with their partners, whether national or international.

Specialized in supplier-distributor relationships, the firm assists clients with the preparation of their agreements and with the drafting of terms and conditions of purchase or sale.

If there is one thing that never changes, it is that the law is always changing, which is why we continually keep abreast of changes and developments in applicable laws and case law.

Liability law
Criminal law

We provide our clients with support during pre-litigation and litigation itself and, when necessary, with the enforcement of court decisions.

Such disputes can arise in the course of the performance of agreements, the termination of established business relationships and also outside any contractual relationship, such as in the case of unfair competition, passing off or disparagement.

We also handle criminal cases for clients facing white-collar crime matters, such as theft, fraud, breach of trust, etc.

Inclined to alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, we prioritize amicable settlements whenever possible and when most likely to best protect the interests of our clients.

Intellectual property law

De Bury Avocats has specific expertise in intellectual property law, and in particular copyright and authors’ rights, the law of designs and models, and trademark law.

The firm assists clients with the management of their intellectual property rights, at the stage of their creation, during the conclusion of license agreements and in the context of infringement proceedings.

Healthcare law

De Bury Avocats is very active in this area of the law.

The firm is consulted on the implementation of applicable standards, whether as regards the practice of medicine, the equipment used or healthcare facilities.

Specialized in particular in issues arising from the collection of personal health information, we can advise you on the obligations you need to meet in this area.


De Bury Avocats establishes and reviews charters, codes and compliance rules for its clients, and maintains a watching brief in the area of competition, bribery, and social and ethical responsibility.

Support and training programs can be organized to prepare staff and compliance officers.

Energy &

In the energy sector, De Bury Avocats provides assistance with complex industrial projects that at times involve interactions with local government authorities and bodies.

The firm also litigates project-related claims.

In the transportation area, De Bury Avocats advises clients both on the sale of vehicles and on commercial transactions involving the transportation of goods.

In the field of the transportation of passengers, De Bury Avocats advises clients on regulatory, safety and personal data management issues.

Consumer law,
advertising and
e-commerce law

De Bury Avocats advises its clients on retail and e-commerce practices, which are fields in which the legislator has imposed many obligations on professionals in view of consumer protection.

Compliance with these obligations is all the more crucial in that breaches may degenerate into unfair competition matters.

To ensure full compliance with applicable rules, our assistance covers issues of both the content of the goods and services and their sale and promotion.

New technologies law
Privacy and personal data

De Bury Avocats helps clients with matters involving new technologies law, in particular computer law, Internet law and privacy and personal data law.

We offer true expertise in ERP integration projects and website development projects, specifically during the most important phase, which is the preparatory phase. The firm also assists clients in case of the failure of their projects, in the context of litigation and, as applicable, court-appointed expert assessments.

More generally, we help our clients with the conclusion of all IT-related agreements (outsourcing, introduction of software solutions such as SaaS and other solutions, maintenance of installed base, etc.).

In Internet and personal data law, we advise clients on the many obligations they are under at a national or European level, and in particular under the General Data Protection Regulation.

We tackle current, complex issues such as Big Data, Smart Data, etc. starting from the first principles which govern this field, such as the principle of proportionality and respect of the rights of data subject.

Education law


De Bury Avocats advises schools on their day-to-day activities.

This assistance involves compliance with education-related rules, the contractual relations between schools and parents, as well as the application of standards pertaining to the security and safety of students and teachers.

We also advise clients on the at-times-complex issues that arise due to exchanges between students on social networks.

Banking law

De Bury Avocats works on the daily interactions between banks and their customers, in connection with the implementation of applicable standards under banking regulations.

For the purposes of their commercial exchanges, the firm also helps companies to set up sale and leaseback arrangements, factoring arrangements, bank guarantees (surety bonds, on-demand guarantees, etc.) and, as applicable, with litigation for the enforcement of such guarantees.

Real estate law
Construction law

De Bury Avocats advises its clients on promotional campaigns, construction projects or complex deal structuring, and on the conclusion of lease agreements.

We also provide litigation services, with a specific focus on construction-related liability.